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Now accepting credit cards! ($10.00 minimum)

Donuts: $1.00 (Each) / $5.50 (Half Dozen) / $10.00 (Dozen)

Rugula: $1.00 (Each) / $5.50 (Half Dozen) / $10.00 (Dozen)

Filled Cronuts: $2.50

Glazed Cronuts: $2.25

Cappuccino or Coffee: $1.40(12oz) / $1.65(16oz)

Sticky Buns: $5.00 (Large)

Walnut or Raisin Buns: $2.25

Cupcakes and Cruffins: $2.25

Tandy Cakes and Brownies: $2.25

Cookies: $1.75

Bagels: $1.00

Additional Pastries: $2.25


Served and made fresh every day. We specialize in the following pastries:


Crullers & Cronuts


  • Cinnamon sugar
  • Glazed
  • Glazed chocolate crullers * Saturday only.
  • Plain
  • Powdered

Specialty Donuts

These donuts are not available on a daily basis, flavors are subject to change.

What’s a Cronut/Cruffin?

Cronut – a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery. The pastry resembles a doughnut and is made from croissant-like dough which is either glazed or filled with flavored cream and fried in oil.

Cruffin – a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin. The pastry is made by taking croissant dough rolled in butter and sugar, and then baking it in a muffin tin and filling it with vanilla creme.


“Best donuts in the Lehigh Valley. I was on jury duty in Lehigh County and they brought these in every morning.”

Tanya Faust

“Never tasted amazing donuts like yours. I just got 2 pretzel glazed just now! Thanks!”

Jessica Lopez

“The very best donut in the Lehigh Valley!! Try them, you won’t be disappointed!”

Debra Englert

Best donuts in the Lehigh Valley area!

Terisma Schoch

5 stars! Enough said! So enjoyable!

Michael Bigmike Fehnel

These are the best donuts I’ve ever had!

Jennifer Berry

The best old fashioned donuts! Period!

Cindy Wagner Fisher

Contact Us

Please note this is not for placing orders, it is only for questions or reviews. Orders can be placed at the bakery 7 days a week, 5:30am-3:00pm, or by calling us at 610-439-9985!